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Lesson 1
Desire, Arousal and Stimulation
When ED happens men often look for the cause and overlook some of the important factors that help erections work. Desire, arousal and stimulation are concepts that are easily confused. In this lesson we help you organize these factors into categories that empower you to address them in a more targeted and specific way.
Lesson 2
Relationship Communication
Relationships can play a significant role in psychogenic ED. Communication can be both a cause and a potential part of a solution for better erections. It is important that men understand not only their communication style but that or their partner. Assess how you communicate about relationship needs, sex and ED.
Lesson 3
Setting Goals
Sample this lesson to learn how to establish helpful goals that can allow you to make sustainable improvements in erections. All too often men overestimate the challenge of ED and do not see the path forward. This lesson is designed to make the process of addressing ED obtainable.

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