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Beyond the Little Blue Pill: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Addressing ED
This course is designed to educate and fundamentally change the way you think about erections, pleasure and sex leading to more reliable erections. There is much more to ED and erections than just your body. Start a more comprehensive approach to solving your problems with the course, “Beyond the little blue pill: the thinking man’s guide to addressing erectile dysfunction”.

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What you will learn:

  • Reliably gain and maintain erections through actionable steps
  • Get out of your head and have pleasurable sex
  • Regain your confidence
  • Improve your relationships
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Course Content

6 Modules • 32 Lessons
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  • - Understanding Erections and Establishing Goals
  • - Assessing Your Erections
  • - Defining ED
  • - Myths and Facts
  • - Setting Goals
  • A New Way to Think

  • - Erections Model
  • - Enablers and Blockers
  • - Desire, Arousal and Stimulation
  • - The ABC's of Erections
  • - Relationships
  • Well Being

  • - Worry
  • - Depressed Mood
  • - Life Circumstances
  • - Other Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Its Personal

  • - Constructs
  • - Masturbation
  • - Physical Stimulation
  • - Pornography
  • - Fantasy and Fetish
  • Here is how we do it:

    Through a clear and concise course that is thoughtfully designed, engaging and easy to use, we guide you through a transformational journey from assessment and gaining tools to learning how to fundamentally change the way you approach your erection process. Built upon clinical experience and theory by sex therapists who have helped many men like yourself, this course will help you understand and address the psychological factors contributing to your ED.

    With over 2 hours of course material, you will progress through 6 modules designed to address the key areas of psychogenic ED. Each lesson concisely covers a specific topic which will broaden your understanding and help you progress toward your goals. You control your pace and can easily return to where you left off. Lessons that are particularly helpful to you can be revisited and reviewed when needed. This is how you make lasting change that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

    What People Are Saying

    During a recent episode of our podcast,  a real E.D. patient discussed how the course helped him:

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    Jason, 34
    Billings, MO

    This course was really insightful. I gained a lot of understanding about my current situation of experiencing ED while dating and meeting multiple women. I especially liked Module 2 which focused on a new way to think about erections. The course was definitely worthwhile - just the right amount of information and the right guidance to relate and understand how to make things better.

    Brad, 45
    Denver, CO

    When my doctor suggested that my ED might be caused by my mind I was reluctant to believe it. I found erectionIQ on the web and debated whether to take the course. I eventually did and it was the best decision I ever made. This course made it easy to understand what was happening and I was able to figure out what was getting in my way and how to get out of my own head. My erections are much better but more importantly, sex is enjoyable again. Thank you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We recommend this course for people 18 and older. The content of the course covers sensitive topics that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

    There is no time limit for the course. Every man is different with his process and we encourage men to use the course at their own pace. The course is accessible even after completion so you can go back and review helpful lessons and modules.

    It’s very likely! Many of the medical conditions impacting erections are only a part of what is contributing to ED. The vast majority of men will be able to benefit from the course irrespective of medical history.

    We recognize that erectile dysfunction is a complex condition. While the mind is an integral part of the erection process we cannot guarantee that this course will resolve your ED. If utilized properly, it will help improve many of the psychological aspects that may be preventing erections and can help lead to more pleasurable sexual encounters.

    We believe that everyone can benefit from our course and most men will be able to improve erections.

    We do not issue refunds based on outcomes.

    This course can be purchased and taken from anywhere.

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