Anonymous Mastermind Groups (AMGs)

Anonymous mastermind groups (AMGs) from ErectionIQ allow you to directly address your erectile dysfunction issues from the comfort of your home with sex therapist Mark Goldberg. Mastermind group sessions are organized and conducted by Mark and take place through online conference calls. 

  • Groups meet once a week for six weeks.
  • Group members can remain entirely anonymous. Questions and comments can be submitted anonymously through typing. No voice, video, or real names will be used.
  • Meetings explore topics each week with clear explanations, guidance, and practical advice provided directly by Mark.
  • Group members will have time each session to submit questions directly to Mark.
  • There will only be a limited number of spots available. The group is small to ensure the issues most important to you are addressed.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone serious about improving erections.
  • People who are aware that their mind, emotions, and/or relationship are impacting their erections.
  • Anyone ready to take action to find a solution to erectile dysfunction for better sex and intimacy.

What You Get

You get access to the eCourse and 6 meetings with Mark (a value of $1100) for a special, limited time rate of $495. To apply for a spot in the next AMG, please pre-register below and we will contact you with more information. Payment will not be due until the first session. Questions? Contact us here.

Pre-Register Now

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