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If you are committed to better erections and are ready to talk to someone we are here for you.

We bring the expertise to help you address what is contributing to erectile dysfunction and to overcome the barriers to a better sex life. You just need to bring yourself.

How it Works?

Schedule and initial consult or send us an appointment request with several times that work for you.

We get you scheduled and send you electronic consent forms for treatment.

A video link with access to our secure, HIPPA compliant platform is emailed to you prior to the appointment

At the time of the appointment use the link to start resolving your ED together with an expert

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Advantages of working with an expert:
  • Every man is unique and the components that contribute to erectile dysfunction will vary.
  • A trained professional can help you identify and overcome factors that you may have never considered.
  • Unlike medication, working on yourself as a way to address your ED can help improve your general well-being, relationships and sexual pleasure in addition to better erections. 

Not quite ready to work with an expert yet? Try taking our “Beyond the Little Blue Pill” eCourse. 

Still not sure if this is right for you? See what men like you are saying about us:


Jason D.,
Columbia, MD

I started seeing Mark because I was having erection issues coupled with anxiety in bed and a real lack of confidence. My doctor referred me to him. Frankly I wasn’t sure how much the therapy would help toward my sexual disfunction issues, but was willing to try. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The experience was great. He was completely prepared for every meeting and picked up right where we left off before. There was a process he was following, it wasn’t just talking for the sake of talking. He obviously has a lot of experience in this field because he gave me excellent advice and feedback constantly. It was like a total transformation. My wife and I have been intimate more in the last two months than in our whole marriage, the quality is greatly improved and I don’t even think about erection issues anymore because they have disappeared. I can’t say enough good things about Mark and highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their intimacy.

Alex N.,
Warsaw, Poland

I started my sessions with Mark after having had difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection. I had various anxious thoughts and feelings overwhelming me when I was trying to be intimate. In just a few sessions Mark supported me in unpacking my thought process to identify the root cause and provided me with the tools to take back control. Today I feel empowered and a lot more confident. I would recommend that anyone who has challenges in getting and maintaining an erection speak to Mark to take back control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just yourself and a commitment to the process. 

We ask that men speak to a physician to rule out any medical conditions or factors prior to starting. 

Initial evaluation (1 Hour)………………$200 USD

Follow up consultations (45-50 min)…$150 USD

Services are offered through the Center for Intimacy, Connection and Change. We are an out of network practice. 

Our experts are a group trained therapists led by Mark Goldberg, LCMFT, CST. Every ErectionIQ expert has extensive training in helping men like you resolve ED.

Of course! We have worked with men from all over the world including Europe and Asia. We know there can be a significant time difference between us and we work to find an agreeable time to meet. 

Sex therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy designed to help people resolve sexual issues including low desire, sexual dysfunction, and out of control sexual behaviors, among many other things.

Human sexuality is a complex experience and process. It is shaped by your thoughts, feelings, environment, society and relationships. When things are not going well, sex therapy can help you address the issues and increase your sexual performance and pleasure.

The process of gaining and maintaining a sufficient erection is complex. You need to optimize your physical body with lifestyle changes and proper medical treatment. In addition to a working body, a well-balanced mind and supportive relationships are important parts of the erection process.

Sex therapy helps you to identify and address the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and relationship components that can make all the difference between erectile dysfunction and the erections that you want. Most erections start in the brain whether you know it or not. Sex therapy helps you focus on addressing the mental, emotional and relationship issues that may be affecting your erections and causing erectile dysfunction.

One of the advantages of sex therapy is that it is specific and goal oriented. Clearly, reaching your goals will depend on your unique factors. Some men will make significant progress within a few short meetings. Other men will choose to work on enhancing their process and addressing more components to ensure sustainable outcomes.

You and the expert you work with will determine partner involvement in the treatment process.